Manayunk Neighborhood Council

Wissahickon Gateway Project -- 05/11/2018 Draft Report

263 Hermitage Street -- Demolish Koller Funeral Home and build nine houses

150 Dupont Street -- Saint Davids Church Hall

Saint Mary of the Assumption

147 Gay Street Parking Lot

Lower Venice Island / Venice Island Rec Center

Venice One / 1 Leverington

The Venice Island Battle

Note to Developers

If you are a developer, please read our Topics For Consideration for Development Proposals Requiring Zoning Relief guidelines. They contain important information on how the community process works and what sort of information will be rquired.

Zoning and Property resources

Zoning hearings are held at

1515 Arch Street
18th floor
The tall gray building with the weather vane sculpture at the corner of 16th and Arch.

Letters to the zoning board should be addressed to

Zoning Board of Adjustment
1401 JFK Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Letters can be faxed to: 215-686-2565
Letters can be emailed to:

Remember to reference the appeal number and the address in your letter.

Also send any letters to our councilperson

The Honorable Curtis Jones
City Council
Room 404, City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-686-3416
Fax: 216-686-1934
Letters can also be emailed to the councilman via Special Assistant Josh Cohen or directly at


Report on Rental Properties by North Light Leadership Team
Development at Gay & Flemming Streets October 17, 1998 from The Review
Neducsin Blasts Gay & Flemming Property December 28, 2000 from The Review
Gay & Flemming Blast January 3, 2001 The Review Editorial
21st Ward Lists Zoning Problems January 3, 2001 from The Review
Apartments at Main & Leverington Streets
Plans for a Public Park on Venice Island (by Stella Ling)
Photo Gallery of Wilde Yarns (3715-3747 Main Street) taken in May of 2008

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