Manayunk Neighborhood Council
147 Gay Street

In Feburuary of 2014, Councilman Jones introduced Bill 140133 to sell the city-owned parking lot for residential development. We think this is a bad idea.

The lot was created, in 1976, when the Ebenzer Methodist Church burned down. The remaining building was demolished and in 1978 the lot was conveyed to the city. The common understanding was that the lot was given to the city under the condition that it be used as a parking lot.

For the last 35 years the lot has been maintained and used, by the neighbors, as a parking lot.

As of October 2014 Councilman Jones has agreed not to sell the lot "at this time".

You can send your comments and letters to Councilman Jones at

The Honorable Curtis Jones
City Council
Room 404, City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: 215-686-3416
Fax: 216-686-1934
Letters can also be emailed to the councilman via Special Assistant Josh Cohen or directly at

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