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    Philadelphia Community Life Improvement Program (CLIP) website and brochure. The CLIP program provides graffiti abatement, vacant lot cleaning, help with cleanups, community service opportunities, surveillance cameras, abandoned auto removal, and more.


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    NEXT MEETING: WEDNESDAY, March 4 2015 (details)
    The March Meeting will be held at the new Venice Island Performing Arts Center

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    Manayunk Development Corporation's Mummers Mardi Gras Parade in Manayunk February 28, 2015

    2014 Fall Festival--Saturday October 25

    • Farmers Market 10am to 2pm
    • Music All Day
    • Halloween Costume Parade for the kids
    • Halloween Costume Parade for the dogs
    • Food Trucks
    • Vendors
    • Beautiful Weather
    • Fun for All

    Stay DENIED. Bunting House, at 5901 Ridge Ave, Demolished Friday 12/13/2012

    5901 Ridge Ave. Demolished

    The Civic's request for a stay of demolition has been denied. The stay was requested to prevent the house from being demolished before the appeals of the demolition permit could be heard. The only thing standing in the way of demolition was any concern or second thoughts, by the Giovannones, about consequences should the civics win the appeals or consequenses of defying a community determined to maintain and preserve it's heritage and character.

    There were no second thoughts.
    (photos of the demolition)

    Frank Giovannoni wasn't kidding when he said the building meant nothing to him and that there were buildings like it all up and down the Ridge. Frank was responding to a direct question by Judge Fox at the December 10 injunction hearing. Central Roxborough Civic Association led a coalition of civics in an attempt to get a stay of the proposed demolition, pending appeal hearings to the Zoning Board and L&I Board of Review.

    There are, of course, not buildings, up and down the Ridge, comparable to the Bunting House. And maybe Frank was just expressing his frustration at the mess they have made. On the other hand, the strings are maybe really being pulled by the anonymous face(s) hiding behind 5901 Ridge LLC. So in the end it doesn't really matter what Frank thinks.

    On Thursday December 13 the judge entered her decision denying the stay pending the appeals. On Friday morning, a crew from Haines and Kibblehouse were out insuring nobody would be changing their minds. After knocking off for the weekend, the crew was back out to finish the knocking down on Monday.

    In two days, another piece of Roxborough heritage and 132 years of history were reduced to a pile of rubble. The only things saved were those that scavengers were able to cart away over the weekend.

    The Giovannonis, as best we know, are now planning to market the empty lot to fast food restaurants, banks and drug store chains.

    See the 5901 Ridge Ave memorial web site for the latest news.
    After two months of meetings, Giovannone Construction declared that they were unable to find a buyer for their lot(s) with the
    Bunting House still standing. Central Roxborough Civic Association, Manayunk Neighborhood Council, Ridge Park Civic Association, Wissahickon Interested Citizens and Wissahickon Neighbors Civic Association have all appealed the demolition permits issued by the city. That appeal will now go forward. The appeal hearing will be held Tuesday 12/4/2012, 3:30 PM in room 696 of City Hall,

    In September, 2012 Giovannone Construction pulled permits for the complete demolition of the beautiful Victorian building at the corner of Roxborough Ave and Ridge Ave, 5901 Ridge Ave.

    As of 7 am Wed September 26, Central Roxborough Civic Association has filed appeals against the demolition permits and for a temporary restraining order agaist the demolition.

    It is reported in a Roxborough Patch Article that Giovannone claims the building is unsound and there only plans are an empty lot.

    Folks have put together an on-line petition where you can register your support for keeping the building.

    Manayunk Neighborhood Council is asking people to contact Councilman Jones and Giovannone Construction and let them know what you think.

    Councilman Curtis Jones Jr.
    Room 404, City Hall
    Philadelphia, PA 19107
    Phone: 215-686-3416
    Fax: 216-686-1934
    Constituent Services:

    Frank and Anthony Giovannone
    Giovannone Construction
    5003 Umbria St Ste 200
    Philadelphia, PA 19128
    Phone: 1-215-487-1340
    Giovannone Construction Inc.
    2160 Harts Ln.
    Conshohocken, PA 19428
    Fax: 610-825-8312

    Friends Of Pretzel Park
    Pretzel Park Summer First Friday Concert Series

    Philadelphia University Day of Service in Pretzel Park September 27, 2011

    MNC Neighborhood Brochure

    Thanks go to Darlene and Carrie from the MNC Quality of Life Committee for a great brochure

    The Manayunk Canal
    Created by Manayunk Neighborhood Council through the Scribe Video Center Precious Places Program

    Flood Galleries
    Hurricane Ivan, Sept 04
    Hurricane Jeanne, Sept 04
    Just Rain, October 05
    Just Rain, June 06


    To develop and maintain an informed and productive membership.
    To notify, inform, and involve residents in decisions that affect their neighborhood.
    To promote a unified and sustainable community

    About Manayunk Neighborhood Council

    Manayunk Neighborhood Council is a not-for-profit civic association founded in the 1950's and incorporated in 1970. We are a community organization for the residents of Manayunk and Roxborough.

    Residents are proud of their unique and historic neighborhood. Not long ago, our neighborhood was largely populated by owner occupied homes where children grew up and moved around the corner. The Council is working to reestablish the friendly, cozy community that made Manayunk the popular place it is today for tourists, businesses, and developers.

    Our community is changing rapidly. These changes brought many improvements to the neighborhood but they have also caused problems for residents. MNC is working with other civic groups, city officials, planners and developers to promote ethical, responsible, and sustainable development.

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