Manayunk Neighborhood Council
Saint Mary of the Assumption
Questions For Councilman Jones

Councilman Jones has scheduled a public meeting for March 7, 2017, 7:30pm at North Light Community Center, 175 Green Lane.

The Indivisible Guide gives some great advice on Town Hall meetings.

  • Make your voices heard by asking good questions.
  • Be polite but persistent, and demand real answers.
  • Don't give up the mic until you're satisfied with the answer.
  • Keep the pressure on.
  • Support the group and reinforce the message.
  • Record everything!

While you work on what you want to ask Councilman Jones we thought we would write down some of our questions.

  • In May Councilman Jones stated "I'm never going to abuse [my councilmanic prerogative]. I'm always going to put the interest of my district first.

    Who in the community have you consulted?

    Why do you think this project is a good fit for the community?

    Does this project benefit the surrounding neighbors / neighborhood? How?

    Is this project in my interest?

    Why did you choose this development?

    Why does this have to be done with special legislation?

    How is this different from the Saint Lucy's project from less than two years ago?

    Is this so different that the St. Josaphat school and convent project in 2009?

    This appears to be spot zoning. Have you asked the city solicitors office if it will withstand a court challenge?

  • This area is zoned for single family homes (row houses and twins)

    What's wrong with single family homes for the areas not historically protected?

    What makes this site harder to put houses on than the converted industrial site at Silverwood and Leverington, or the houses carved out of the cliff on Lyceum and Shurs Lane, or the houses perched on top of a cliff along Manayunk Ave.?

    Why are apartments better than houses?

    Do apartments make a more stable community?

    Do apartments make better schools?

    Will apartments raise or lower my property values?

  • Councilman Jones has singled out this developer, this development, and it's potential future tenants for special treatment. They will enjoy a good location and plenty of parking while the community continues to suffer. Councilman Jones is taking a resource from the community and giving it to a developer.

    Why do this project's potential tenants have more of a right to parking then anyone else?

    Aren't you, Councilman Jones, giving them that right?

    Do you really expect people to take a bus or a taxi to a remote lot?

    How about if the neighbors get parking on the lot and the tenants take a bus somewhere?

    Why are we second class citizens?

  • Does Councilman Jones think this project will benefit Main Street and does he think that that would be more important than the rest of the community.

    Do you think this project, as apartments, is better for Main Street than houses?

    Is helping Main Street more important than helping the rest of the community?

    How many people visit Main Street?

    How many people live in Manayunk?

    How many people live in Roxborough?

    How many people live in Bala Cynwyd and Montgomery County?

    How many of them visit Main Street?

    How many apartments have been added to Main Street in the last 15 years? Has it helped? (Hint, over 300 and that doesn't count current developments)

    Do you know how many apartments are currently being built within walking distance of Main Street? Could it be over 750?

    How much difference, will it make to Main Street, if this is developed as houses vs apartments?

  • This project is the opposite of what is called for in the City's 2035 plan (adopted in 2014)

    The 2035 plans states that The area is expected to see an increase in net housing units, which may threaten the character and aesthetic of established single-family residential areas. How does your plan protect Manayunk from that threat?

    The 2035 plans states that Zoning can be used as a tool for preserving neighborhood character How does your plan help preserve neighborhood character?

    The 2035 plans states that Priority Recommendations: LNW 5 Preserve the existing character and density of single-family neighborhood How does your plan help preserve the existing character and density of this neighborhood?

    The 2035 plans states that Direct more intensive, mixed-use development along Ridge Avenue and lower Main Street, and around Ivy Ridge Station and Wissahickon Transportation Center Is this Ridge Avenue? Lower Main Street? Ivy Ridge? Wissahickon Transportation Center?

  • This project is a bad project any way you twist and turn it.

    Why can't we start over?

    Why can't we do some real planning?

    Why can't we find a developer and a project that will make this community better, not worse?

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