Manayunk Neighborhood Council
Saint Mary of the Assumption
Who Can You Call!

You can contact Councilman Jones at
The Honorable Curtis Jones
City Council
Room 404, City Hall
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-686-3416, 215-686-3417
Fax: 216-686-1934
  • Ask Councilman Jones to meet with his constituents and explain his plan for Manayunk.
  • Ask Councilman Jones to stop ignoring us.
  • Ask Councilman Jones to stop treating us like second class citizens.
  • Ask Councilman Jones to drop his illegal spot zoning bill.
  • Tell Councilman Jones we need real planning that helps everone not just a hand picked developer.
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Sample Letters and petitions for Councilman Jones
You can contact the Catholic Church at
Monsignor Kevin C. Lawrence, Pastor
Saint John the Baptist Church
146 Rector St.
Manayunk, Philadelphia, PA 19127

Phone: 215.482.4600
  • Ask Monsignor Lawrence to put community over profits.
  • Ask Monsignor Lawrence to find another developer.
Contact the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
222 North 17th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Phone: 215-587-3500
Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Ask Archbiship Chaput to put community over profits.
Write a letter to Pope Francis
His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City
  • Tell Pope Francis that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is putting profits over community.
  • Ask Pope Francis to intervene with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia
You contact the developer at
Jack Bienenfeld, Vice President
H. Bienenfeld & Son
828 Red Lion Road, Suite E-1
Philadelphia, PA 19115

Phone: 215-464-0455
  • Tell Mr. Bienenfeld no to overdevelopment.
  • Tell Mr. Bienenfeld no to profits over community.
  • Tell Mr. Bienenfeld thanks but no thanks.

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