Manayunk Neighborhood Council
Saint Mary of the Assumption

July 7 2017 with architect Jim Campbell

Report from Manayunk Neighborhood Council

At the meeting

MNC: Kevin Smith, John Hunter
North Light: Dana Dabek
The Developer: Jim Campbell (architect)

Mr. Bienenfeld,

As you know, we met with Jim Campbell on Friday July 7 at his request.

Mr. Campbell described/presented a revised sketch proposal for the St. Mary's properties. The proposal included approximately 21 single-family houses with integral parking aligned along Carson Street and both sides of Conarroe Street, together with the Church, Rectory and School buildings retained for adaptive re-use. The sketch proposal also included a separate parking area at the north end of the property, on Carson Street, with approximately 16 parking spaces to be used exclusively for North Light Community Center.

We are encouraged by the sketch and Mr.Campbell's description of the proposal as it references most of the elements which were of concern to the community, as voiced at the public meetings and through the written comments that we received.

Mr. Campbell has suggested that we and North Light meet with you and Father Lawrence to discuss these proposals further. We look forward to continued discussions, in this direction, that could lead to a community-supported project.

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